Listed here are some advantages of lightweight

A versatile material, lightweight concrete is made up of a cement based mortar which is mixed with 20% of volume air. This material is widely used for both internal and external construction. Lightweight concrete blocks weigh 10 to 40% less than normal concrete blocks available. They are known for their insulation capability and resistance to fire. They make the construction process quick as they are easy to install. They are known for their reliability, stiffness and durability.

Listed here are some advantages of lightweight concrete blocks:These blocks show excellent resistance to fire. They are ideal to be used for fire rated applications. Lightweight concrete blocks are eco friendly. They help in reducing 30% of the environment waste, 50% of greenhouse radiation and 60% integrated energy on the surface of the brick. These blocks do not get affected by harsh climatic conditions. They do not degrade under changing atmospheric conditions. Lightweight concrete blocks offer easy workability. It is easy and quick to install these blocks on site. Because of its thermal efficiency, it reduces the heating and cooling load in buildings. As they are light in weight, it is easy to transport these blocks on the site. This advantage further cuts down the labor and installation costs. Lightweight concrete blocks help in the faster construction of buildings as they are easy to install. Lightweight concrete material can be routed, sanded or cut to any size on site by using standard tools.

These blocks resist chipping and cracking. They have a uniform texture which helps in producing sharp corners and surfaces.Lightweight concrete blocks provide the construction with a long life as they are made up of durable materials. Workability of these blocks offer accurate cutting which helps in minimizing the generation of solid waste during use. Their porous structure provides with superior resistance to fire. They are reliable and available at affordable prices in the market. They are widely used by architects, developers, architects and home builders worldwide.Pravin Buildtech is a well known Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of AAC Blocks in Gujarat. It is the first organization to launch Sand base AAC Blocks and Fly Ash Concrete Blocks. Established in 2012, the organization aims to deliver the clients with the best possible products to achieve maximum client satisfaction. The company covers major markets of India as well as Saudi, Sri Lanka and South Africa. For more information, log on to portable foam fire extinguisher

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